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November 22, 2016

Top 10 strongest players ever

10.Paul Morphy Paul Charles Morphy (June 22, 1837 – July 10, 1884) was an American chess player. He is considered to have been the greatest chess master of his era and an unofficial World Chess Champion. He was a chess prodigy. He was called “The Pride and Sorrow of Chess” because he had a brief and brilliant chess career, but […]
November 22, 2016

Carlsen-Karjakin 0:1 8th game of the match

Queen and Knight are a potent combination! How can Black distract White Queen from the main action and checkmate White King with a compelling pair of a Queen and Knight? Carlsen-Karjakin result after 8 games in the world chess championship: 3,5-4,5
November 22, 2016

Top 10 strongest tournaments ever

10.AVRO 1938 chess tournament The AVRO tournament was a chess tournament held in the Netherlands in 1938, sponsored by the Dutch broadcasting company AVRO. The event was a double round-robin tournament. The eight players generally regarded as the strongest in the world took part: World Champion Alexander Alekhine, former champions José Raúl Capablanca and Max Euwe, future champion Mikhail Botvinnik […]
November 21, 2016

Puzzle 6 – White to win!

After 1.Qc8?-Qf2+ 2. Kh1-Qf1+3.Kh2-Qf2 with perpetual check or 4.Kh3-Qf5+ Black will force a trade of the Queens. Can you find the most mystical move for White and still win the game?