Puzzle 4 – Without error there can be no brilliancy
November 20, 2016
Puzzle 5-Black to win!
November 21, 2016
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World chess championship-game 7

After 2 hours playing 7th game ended in another draw. Carlsen -Karjakin 3,5-3,5. This was the 7th draw in the competition. The tension is rising because any decisive game can be decisive for the whole event. Game 7 started differently with 1.d4. Magnus replied with Queen gambit accepted and manage to equalize quickly. Then he trapped Karjakin with his move 16…Rc8 and transferred the game into a drawish endgame with opposite color bishops. Karjakin spent his 2 jokers with White pieces in the game 6 and 7. Tomorrow at 2 pm EST will be 8th game. Carlsen will have the White pieces and will try to reach the first decisive game.

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