June 22, 2021

Wilhelm Steinitz and the start of the strategy

Wilhelm Steinitz was born May 14, 1836, in Prague, Bohemia, Austrian Empire, now in the Czech Republic. He died August 12, 1900, Wards Island, New York, U.S. Austrian-American chess master who is considered to have been the world champion longer than any other player, winning the championship in 1866 from Adolf Anderssen, although the first official claim to hold the […]
June 10, 2021

World Chess Championship

The World Chess Championship 2021 will be a chess match between reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi to determine the World Chess Champion. It will be held under the auspices of FIDE, the world chess federation, and played in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, between 24 November and 16 December 2021. The match was originally scheduled for the latter half of 2020, but was […]