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November 2, 2022
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December 12, 2022
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Top 10 hardest puzzles ever

We can start with an easy puzzle played between two masters Janovsky and David in Paris in 1891. White to play and win! This is just the starter for what is coming next. The 10 hardest puzzles ever are ready to burn millions of neurons and also your Computer! Get ready!

If you could find the solution for the starter then you can try to solve the 10 most difficult puzzles in chess that will confuse any Grandmaster, and even modern chess engines, like Stockfish 15 are unable to solve them. You can check for the solutions at the bottom of the page.


White to move and mate in 1 move!


White to move and mate in 2!


White to move and mate in 4!


White to move and win!

Black wants to stalemate himself with King b8-a7-b6-a5 and b6.


White to move and draw!


White to move and mate in 8!


White to move and mate in 10!


White to move and mate in 50 moves!

Yes, the bishop pair can win in any position vs a Knight in 67 moves at most!


White to move and mate in 10!


White to move and win!



10. dxe6! with en passant and mate!

9. Qd5!+ and any capture will result in a mate in the 2nd move.

8. c8! promotes a Bishop, black plays b3 2. Bg4-b2 3.Bd1-KxB1 4.Bb3+#

7. 1.h4-Kb8 2. h5-Ka7 3.h6-Kb6 4. h7- Ka5 5. h8N! -b6 6.Ng6 fxg6 7.f7 g5 8.f8N! g4 9.Ne6 dxe6 10.d7 e5 11.d8N! e4 12.Nc6#

6. 1.Ne4+!-Kh4 (if d:e4-Be1+#) 2. Ng3! with a threat Nf5 mate 2…Qc8 3.Be1- fxg3 4.Bf2!! – Qf5 (If gxf2 then g3 check, King takes g3 with stalemate and draw) 5. Be3-Qf1+ 6. Bg1 and because of stalemate ideas black can not win this endgame. Draw
5. 1.Qb2 e3 2.Kg2 Ke4 3.Qc2+ d3 4.Qa4+ d4 5.Qc6+ Ke5 6.Kf3 d2 7.Qb5+ d5 8.Qb8#

4. 1.Rxb6 cxb6 2.Bxb6+ Rxb6 3.Qxb6+ axb6 4.a7 Qc2 5.Rxb6 Rxe8 6.Rb8+ Qc8 7.a8Q Kc7 8.Qa7+ Kd6 9.Qd4+ Kc7 10.Qb6#

3. Yes, the bishop pair can win in any position vs a Knight, in 67 moves at most! In that position, Black with the best possible defense can survive 50 moves! We will let for you to practice this endgame. Bishop pair vs a Knight!

2. 1.Ba4+ Rc2 2.Rd8+ Bd2 3.Rd5! c3 4.Rxf5 Be1 5.Rd5+ Bd2 6.Rxh5 Be1 7.Rd5+ Bd2 8.Bb5 h5 9.Bd3 Be3 10.Be2#

1. 1.Nf6+(not d8Q because of Nf7+) Kg7 (If Kg6 Bh5+ then d8Q) 2.Nh5+ – Kg6 3.Bc2+! – K:h5 4.d8Q -Nf7+ 5.Ke6 Nxd8+ 6.Kf5 e2 7.Be4 (with threat Bf3 mate) 7…e1N 8.Bd5 c2 9.Bc4 c1N 10.Bb5 Nc6 11.Bxc6 Nc7 12.Ba4-c4 13.Bd1+ Ne2 14.Bxe2+ Nf3 15.Bxf3 mate!






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