August 1, 2017


This was a game played between Mikenas vs Bronstein in Talin,1965. How can Black decoy White Rook and Queen from protecting the first rank?
May 3, 2017

Open Attack

April 10, 2017

Double Attack

How can White win? White can sacrifice the rook 6 times in this fascinating study from Troicki 1910. If the Queen accepts the rook sacrifice, then Knight forks will follow! Solution: 1.Rb4-Qc8 2. Rb8-Qh3 3. Rh8-Nh4 4. R:h4-Qc8 5.Rh8-Qb7 6.Rb8-Qb8 7.Nc6+
March 9, 2017

Mate in 4

How can White attack the Black King and with two rook sacrifices checkmate him?